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Indiana Pioneers

Happy Birthday, Indiana! There may not be a birthday cake big enough to hold 200 candles, so we’re going to produce a Field Trip in your honor instead. Ball State is hitting the road - from Steuben County to Posey County, cruising I-65 from north to south, and stopping at all the local diners along SR40’s National Road - to bring you the story of Indiana’s Bicentennial. We’ll be delivering stories of Indiana’s pioneers from the last 200 years. Stories of early settlers. Stories of visionaries and innovators. Stories of the next generation of pioneers. Plan to join us for some fascinating Indiana history, and probably more than one stop for pork tenderloin sandwiches.

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In partnership with: The Indiana State Museum

As the State of Indiana marks its Bicentennial in 2016, Ball State University will be traveling across the state to produce a brand-new Electronic Field Trip. Focused on the pioneering spirit of Hoosiers, this EFT will educate grade-school students on the early pioneering days of the state, the forward-thinking pioneers that have changed the state with their revolutionary ideas and ideals, and the great potential our current generation of students has to be Hoosier pioneers as they grow up. This EFT will feature many of the time-tested features previously enjoyed by students and teachers, like a live television broadcast, online learning tools and an immersive experience. But, technology and learning advancements have opened the doors to even more amazing teaching opportunities that could be explored in this re-invention of the Ball State Electronic Field Trip program.

A Four-Step Approach

  1. Teacher Resources

    Hands-on tools and lesson plans created by teachers for teachers and focused on student success.

  2. Mobile Application

    Interactive student learning through video, text, games and primary sources available through an iPad App.

  3. Enhanced Lesson Plans

    An easy and innovative approach to teaching that combines the strengths of teachers with the power of technology.

  4. Live Video

    Leading experts live on location and streamed directly into the classroom for an interactive video presentation.

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Featured locations for our field trips span thousands of miles across the United States and beyond. From the edges of the universe to the depths of the deepest oceans, BSU Field Trips provide a variety of learning opportunities for different locations around the world.

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